Do not dump down the storm drain or flush down sink or toilet as these will then reach streams and rivers. If disposing of prescription drugs in the trash, try mixing them in with non-desirable materials such as coffee grounds or kitty litter. Placing them in a plastic bag or a sealed container is advisable. You can also bring them to one of these permanenet unused medication TakeBack locations:

  • Bethel Police Department
  • Clermont County Sheriff's Office
  • Goshen Township Police Department
  • Loveland Police Department
  • Mercy Health-Anderson Hospital
  • Mercy Health-Clermont Hospital
  • Miami Township Police Department
  • Milford Police Department
  • Pierce Township Police Department
Additional locations:

Supported by the Clermont County Opiate Task Force and the Clermont Mental Health and Recovery Board. For more information, please call 513-732-5400. Neither pill bottles nor their lids are recyclable; however, they are reusable. Contact Mathew 25 Ministries for more information. Alternatively empty prescription bottles and lids can go in the trash.